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We Treat People, Not Just Teeth

Our office offers state-of-the-art dental equipment, as well as, the latest techniques in modern dentistry. The most effective and up-to-date methods available are used to ensure total and worry-free sterilization of our instruments and equipment.




    Are You Happy With Your Smile

    Don’t let crooked teeth dampen your confidence. Show the world the true beauty of your smile. Set an appointment with our dentists in Oakmont PA to know more about our six-month braces.

    Are You Missing Any Teeth

    Dental implants provide a stable anchor to your new teeth. They fuse to your bone and prevent other teeth from shifting out of place. They are safe and effective for securing attachments into the jawbone, as they are made of biocompatible titanium.

    Do You Have Any Problems With Your Teeth

    We offer a range of treatments available for all ages and different types of oral conditions. Our dentists have great experience in different aspects of general dentistry, from the most preventive services to more advanced cosmetic procedures.


    • It used to be for any special procedure you would have to go to another professional and another office, but this office is really a one-stop shop because everything can be done here, the implants are done here now.
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    • Any time you call them and ask for an appointment or you need something like that they bend over backwards to be nice to you, they’re very, very nice people.
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