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When healthy, your tooth enamel is technically stronger than most of your bones. Unfortunately, there are some extreme situations when a hard blow to the face can impart so much force that it severely fractures the tooth. If the pulp or root of the tooth has been significantly damaged, the badly fractured tooth might need to be extracted by Dr. Todd S. Resek and Howard C. Nader to prevent further pain and complications. Later, they can help replace the tooth with a dental bridge.

A dental bridge in Oakmont, Pennsylvania, is a single piece of dental work that replicates the fractured tooth. It is fused onto a base with a hollow crown at each end. It will eventually be anchored onto the abutments that are formed out of the core of the two neighboring teeth.

Your dentist will form the two abutments by removing the tooth enamel from each tooth. The abutment will contain the dentin layer surrounding the healthy pulp and root of the tooth. Then, they will form a detailed impression of the two abutments and the corresponding teeth. This will be sent to a state-of-the-art dental lab where your new bridge will be custom crafted to fill the void.

Then, they will secure a hard, plastic, temporary crown over each abutment to protect them. This will help keep them safe while the off-site dental lab technician custom makes your bridge.

You will need to come in for a second appointment when your bridge is ready. The temporary crowns will then be removed and Dr. Todd S. Resek and Howard C. Nader will cement your new bridge into place.

If you have a severely fractured or damaged tooth, you should call Oakmont Family Dentists at 412-828-3311 to have it treated as soon as possible.