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As the holiday season makes its rounds, it is a good time to think about tips and techniques to employ to ensure your smile will thrive in the coming years. Tooth hazards can arise at any time and destroy your smile in seconds, so it’s important to establish effective tooth hazard prevention planning to keep your smile safe no matter what challenges may arise. Here are some tooth hazard prevention tips:

– Never open anything with your teeth as they can easily cause dental damage. As an alternative, always keep scissors or bottle openers close by to ensure you don’t find yourself using your teeth to try to open product packaging.
– Fruit juice often contains disproportionate amounts of sugar and often has a severely low pH level similar to battery acid.
– Sodas are often packed with sugar and should be avoided at all costs.
– Be aware that starchy foods, including potato chips, can cause dental damage. This is because bacteria and plaque can break down the starchy foods into acids that will chew through your tooth enamel.
– Like sodas, sports drinks are loaded with sugar and can often cause enamel erosion.

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