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Is mouthwash simply a tool to freshen your breath, or is its function much more than that? Can mouthwash improve your oral health? The truth is that it really depends on the mouthwash that you use. Not all forms of mouthwash are the same, nor are they all designed with the same purpose in mind.

Within today’s market, the uses and benefits of mouthwash can vary greatly and can greatly differ in the tasks for which they are assigned. Some types of mouthwash are focused simply on freshening breath, while others promote strengthening your tooth enamel, or even helping whiten teeth.

Depending on your needs, look for a mouthwash that has the ADA Seal of Acceptance, as this is only given to products that clearly demonstrate an advanced degree of safety and effectiveness. For more product recommendations, speak with your dentist.

If you are looking for products that can improve the quality of your oral health, those that contain fluoride may be able to help. Many mouthwash products will also say directly on the labels if they double as teeth whitening products.

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