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Are you experiencing persistent pain due to a cavity? Tooth decay can damage your tooth enamel by causing cavities in your smile, and when that happens, our dentist, Dr. Todd S. Resek and Howard C. Nader may recommend a composite filling after removing the decay, to fill small to medium sized cavities.

Composites are tooth-colored fillings that can restore your natural tooth to full form and function while appearing natural because they are matched to the color of your own teeth.

Because composite fillings are bonded to the teeth, they create a sturdy repair to stabilize your tooth and make it stronger than it would be using an amalgam filling. Dental fillings are ideal for repairing mild to moderate damage to the teeth. Our composite fillings are also ideal for restoring a fractured or chipped tooth in your smile.

Our composite fillings are completed in just one visit to our office. After the decay has been removed from the tooth, it will be clean and disinfected to prepare for the new filling material. Next, the tooth will be filled with the material and shaped to conform to the tooth’s shape. The filling is then hardened to and the composite polished to provide a beautiful, stable restoration. The entire treatment process is painless and comfortable.

If you have cavities in your smile, our Oakmont Family Dentists team in Oakmont, Pennsylvania, is pleased to offer composite fillings to restore your smile and maintain your oral health. Please give us a call today at 412-828-3311 and restore your beautiful smile!