Medications can help the patient feel more relaxed and comfortable during dental visits. At our office, we use effective anesthesia and other options to enhance your comfort during your treatment. We recommend that you discuss with Drs. Nader and Resek to decide which drugs to use in your treatment. We may recommend inhalation anesthesia, or nitrous oxide, to induce moderate sedation. This controls the pain and helps you relax at our office. Nitrous oxide can be administered before or during a dental procedure.

As you consider nitrous oxide, we encourage you to ask yourself the following questions: Do you get nervous or anxious in the days leading up to, and during, your appointment? Do you tend to tense up and feel very uncomfortable while our dentists perform treatments? Nitrous oxide in Oakmont, Pennsylvania, is helpful for patients who experience anxiety about dental visits. It helps you feel calm and relaxed so your treatment is easier for both you and our dentists. Moderate sedation may also be useful to calm children and help them feel more comfortable. It is especially useful if the child tends to wiggle and cannot sit still. Of course, it is wise to check with our dentists and ask questions before your child undergoes any type of anesthesia or sedation.

We encourage you to contact Oakmont Family Dentists today to learn more about inhalation anesthesia and to schedule a visit.