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Few people consider the link between their oral health and the effect it has on the rest of their body. The truth is, scientists have proven a direct link exists between how healthy your mouth is, and how healthy the rest of your body is.

Poor oral health puts you at risk for myriad other health complications, including the following:

Heart disease
Some of the nasty bacteria that inhabit your gum line when you have gum disease are terrible for your heart health. While a direct cause-and-effect relationships hasn’t yet been established, there’s tons of research that shows gum disease increases your likelihood of contracting heart disease.

Oral infections, ranging from anything as mild as gingivitis to full-blown gum disease, has also been linked to an increased likelihood of having strokes.

While people with diabetes are more prone to developing periodontitis, it’s been proven that the link between the two ailments goes both ways.

While it may not be outrightly apparent that your oral health affects your systemic health, our team here at Oakmont Family Dentists hopes you now understand just how important it is to keep your mouth’s health at a top-notch level.

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