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Would it surprise you to learn that there are several things you may need to avoid doing if you would like to enjoy a healthy smile? For instance, you probably know that there are different kinds of drinks you should be wary of, like soda. In fact, you may also be aware that smoking can lead to a number of problems, but do you ever wonder how e-cigarettes can affect your teeth and gums?

As you may already know, if you smoke you may have to deal with chronic bad breath. However, would you be surprised to learn that smoking will kill the good bacteria in your mouth? While this may not seem like an overly serious issue, you will be more likely to have an oral infection, tooth decay, gum disease, or even cavities. Moreover, smoking can also lead to oral cancer and tooth loss.

E-cigarettes cause dental problems similar to regular smoking. For instance, e-cigarettes actually use nicotine just like regular cigarettes, which will also leave you susceptible to gum disease. Unfortunately, e-cigarettes can also make your gums become red, tender, or swollen—all of which are symptoms of gum disease. This means you may struggle to recognize gum disease if you smoke e-cigarettes. You could also suffer from dry mouth, which upsets the balance between the bad and good bacteria in your mouth.

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