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Lasers are pretty neat, and they’re not just sci-fi either. Have you heard that we use dental laser technology at Oakmont Family Dentists? Laser dentistry is an ever-expanding form of dentistry that augments traditional oral instruments with dental lasers. Here are some of the procedures where that happens:

-Lasers help reveal your teeth and gums during restorative procedures.

-Oral lasers are used in lots of procedures when the patient is frightened of traditional tools; lasers are practically invisible and quiet.

-Injured nerve endings can be restored with lasers, as can blood vessels and mouth scars.

-We can lessen tooth sensitivity by sealing the tubules at the roots of your teeth with lasers.

-If you have benign oral cavity tumors, we can remove them using lasers.

-In regards to teeth whitening, oral lasers are regularly implemented during the prepping phase.

-Tongue ties can be treated using oral lasers, empowering children to breastfeed unrestricted and to speak clearly.

-When surplus tissue growths in the throat avoid suitable amounts of sleep, oral lasers can help.

There are new discoveries in laser dentistry constantly, and there might even have been new discoveries in laser dentistry because the time this post was published. If you’d like to learn more about how laser dentistry can strengthen your dental health, please call us at 412-828-3311 now to pencil in your next appointment in Oakmont, Pennsylvania, with Drs. Todd S. Resek and Howard C. Nader and the staff at Oakmont Family Dentists.