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The enamel of your teeth is a very hard and durable material. However, it is not impossible for tooth enamel to suffer chips, cracks or minor fractures. This is especially true if you participate in contact sports without a custom fitted mouth guard. In some of these situation the enamel might be damaged without actually exposing the sensitive dentin layer within.

If you have a cracked or chipped tooth you should call us immediately to help assess the situation.

If there is blood or swelling in your mouth, you can rinse it with lukewarm salt water. If you are experiencing pain from the damage you can apply a cold compress on the side of your face or apply topical dental analgesic to the surrounding gums.

Even if you’re not experience pain, it’s a good idea to have the tooth repaired before tooth decay can start to attack the damaged enamel.

A minor chip can sometimes be blended into the enamel through a dental contouring procedure. More serious cracks and fractures can sometimes be repaired with a cosmetic bonding procedure. In this procedure the dentist will fill and repair the damaged enamel with a special resin material. It can be color matched to the tooth’s natural shade and seamlessly blend into your smile.

In more extreme cases the damage to the tooth might be too badly damaged and it will need to be replaced by a crown.

If you or your child has a cracked or chipped tooth you should call us immediately at 412-828-3311 to schedule an appointment.